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Past Exhibits


articlesTiffany Lamps: Articles of Utility, Objects of Art

Celebrate Louis C. Tiffany’s revolutionary contributions to modern decorative lighting and explore the innovative ways Tiffany lamps combine usefulness and beauty. more

TiffanybyDesign 7 218x218Tiffany By Design

Learn about the Tiffany Studios’ extraordinary design vocabulary by examining and comparing numerous examples of Tiffany’s leaded-glass lampshades and bronze lamp bases. more

exhib past 218x218The Lamps of Tiffany: Highlights from the Egon and Hildegard Neustadt Collection

Admire the incredible breadth and depth of Egon and Hildegard Neustadt’s renowned collection of Tiffany lamps. more


At The Queens Museum

Orchestra crop2"An Orchestra of Color": The Flat Glass of Louis C. Tiffany

Explore the dazzling array of colors, patterns, textures and types of glass used by Tiffany Studios to naturalistic depict of flowers and figures in leaded glass. more

BehindtheGlass Detail 218x218Tiffany: Behind the Glass

Take a look “behind the glass” to learn about the process of construction, manufacture, marketing and conservation of lamps and windows from the Tiffany Studios in Corona, Queens. more