Lantern with Dragonfly Design

Lantern with Dragonfly Design

Tea Cannister made in England, date unknown
Lantern created in New York, sometime between 1900 to 1910

Gift of Fred and Nancy Lee Dikeman

According to Tiffany's descendants, this rectangular tea canister was one of many dragonfly lanterns created as decoration for a party Louis C. Tiffany once hosted. The tin tea canisters were painted black and outfitted with the design of a single dragonfly in flight. A piece of streaky opalescent glass was adhered to the inside of the cannister and two tiny glass jewels were used for the dragonfly’s eyes.


Created by an unknown maker under the artistic direction of Louis C. Tiffany (1848–1933)
Streaky opalescent glass, cut and assembled; glass jewels; tin
Height 6 in; Width 4 in.; Length 4 in.
Marked: “England”/ possibly “Made In”

Photo: David Schlegel