Above and below: Photos by David Schlegel


Perpetually in bloom, Tiffany floral lamps and landscape windows are a testimony to the sophisticated design and exquisite craftsmanship that are the hallmarks of Tiffany Studios. Explore Tiffany’s passionate and enduring interest in nature through this dynamic focus exhibition of six lamps, three windows, and nine photographs.

Tiffany had a special passion for glass, and the beauty of the natural world prevailed in his visionary artistic approach. He staffed his Studios with artists and artisans who were also inspired by the rich colors and sinuous forms found in nature. Inventive designers endeavored to faithfully translate these elements into glass. Talented artisans then brought designs to life. The immense range of Tiffany's sheet glass provided unlimited inspiration. Glass color, pattern, translucency, and texture made possible a variety of astonishing effects: velvety or paper-thin petals, waxy or veined leaves, dappled sunlight or shadow, and much more.


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Tiffany lampshade
Tiffany lampshade
Tiffany stained glass window
Tiffany lampshade