Vertical rectangular opalescent glass window featuring lemons, grapes, and trellis.

Lemon Tree and Grape Vine with Trellis

Made in New York, sometime between 1902 and 1910

Height 73 in.; Width 31 in.


The bold combinations of brilliantly colored glass in this window are a testament to the skill of Tiffany’s glass chemists. This window displays many of the exceptional colors and intriguing patterns available to Tiffany’s glass selectors. Within the foliage alone, more than twenty shades of green, with streaks, spots and ripples, form the hearty leaves of the tangled grape vine. Thick, slightly convex slab glass simulates cool marble columns which, together with the straight lines of the trellis, give order to the twisting vines and hanging fruit.   


Created by Tiffany Studios, New York (1902–1932) under the artistic direction of Louis C. Tiffany (1848–1933); Design attributed to Agnes F. Northrop (1857–1953)
Glass, cut and assembled with lead came and copper foil
Not Marked


Photo: David Schlegel