Salve Regina Tiffany glass

Salve Regina

ca. 1910

The figures in the Salve Regina window are also given tangible volume through the use of “drapery” glass. The Madonna and Child are engulfed in flowing robes, however, the folds of the glass are carefully selected to define each individual form. Notice the articulation of their sloping shoulders and bended knees. The flesh areas are treated in a more traditional manner: the faces, hands, feet and hair are a combination of vitreous paint and colored enamels. Silver stain creates the blush of the cheeks and golden glow of the halo. The soft yellow rays emanating from the halo are achieved with a plate of acid-etched blue on yellow flashed glass.

Tiffany Studios, New York (1902-1932)
Designed by Frederick Wilson (British, b. Ireland, 1858-1932) 
Created for the Stony Wold Sanatorium Chapel, Lake Kushaqua, New York 
Leaded glass
Height 28 in.; Width 29 in.
Not marked
Accession number


Photo: Richard P. Goodbody